Kids Kempo Karate

We offer three age-appropriate Kempo Karate programs for your child:

Little Dragons – Ages 4 & 5

This program is designed for preschool aged children and prepares them for some of the physical requirements of school.  Movements from our system are broken down to help your child improve their strength, coordination and balance.  Students begin learn basic exercises, listening skills, teamwork and more!  Our Little Dragons program improves overall confidence and develops respect for others.

Little Ninjas – Ages 6 to 8

Our Little Ninjas program is designed for school aged children and helps them to develop the physical and mental skills to help them become successful students. Focus, listening skills, physical health, self-confidence and self-discipline are key areas of this program. By working with each other, students build team work and respect for others. Students will develop better self-confidence as they learn new skills and take on class challenge drills. At this level, your child will begin to learn ways to defend themselves against bullying. Students learn verbal, mental and physical techniques to help keep them safe and follow the rules in school. All skills are age appropriate.

Kids Kempo – Ages 9 to 13

Our Kids Kempo program continues our traditional martial arts program developing the more demanding skills required in school. Students will develop focus, understand goal-setting and how to achieve them, improve listening skills, team work, respect for self and others all while developing themselves physically and mentally to be strong confident kids.

Our goal is to better prepare your child for the demands of school and life by helping them to develop self-confidence, self-respect and the self-discipline needed to be successful in today’s world. By focusing on these areas, your child will learn how to defend themselves against bullying, develop positive relationships and resist the negative effects of peer pressure. The classes are designed to be fun, energetic and challenging while building strength, increasing flexibility and reinforcing the positive effects of living a healthy lifestyle.

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